Responsive Mobile Web Design

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A brief background

Websites always used to be designed by website designers to be used on desktop/laptop computers. The good old PC or Mac was all we had back then to access the internet.


Ten years or so ago though we started using mobile phones to access the internet and website designers started to still design websites for desktop computers but with some additional checks to make sure they could function well on mobiles as new devices with every changing screen sizes started to emerge.


Of course, these days we all seem to be spending more and more hours of the day (and night) on the internet. We are always within a handsreach of our trusted mobile internet companion of choice and it can seem some of us don’t so much use it in fact as live in it!

This is why some website designers, including us here at Markerching are now developing websites with the primary focus of their use on mobile devices – and then we making the necessary adaptions and enhancements for the larger sized desktop screens.

Mobile Friendly v Responsive Websites

You may have heard of 'responsive' websites.


A responsive website is different from a mobile friendly website.


Basically, a mobile friendly website will look good on mobile devices. But it may have glitches and be harder to navigate when viewed on devices with a higher resolution.


A responsive website however contains intelligence that identifies the devices resolution and automatically formats your website to adapt to the size of it. This enables it to be viewed on say, a desktop PC, phone, or a tablet and users won’t ‘notice any difference’ in your site’s general appearance on their screen. 



We have produced another article that aims to set out the particular benefits to Small Businesses of Responsive Website Design.