Website & Social Media – The Powerful Duo!

Website v Social Media. Which is best for your Small Business

Website & Social Media – The Powerful Duo, ignore one at your peril!

Although the internet is now into adulthood at the grand age of 25 years, it has changed beyond recognition since the days of the first mobile phone with Internet access – the revolutionary Nokia 9000 communicator, for those of you who remember!

In the last 10 years, we have become more reliant on our phones for internet access – to almost an obsessive degree, and yet many websites still don’t function properly on a mobile phone!

In addition, with more and more devices and apps entering the market, it is clear that the substantial opportunity to conduct business online is just going to carry on increasing as technology advances – so it’s extremely important that as business owners we keep up and take advantage.

Without an online presence even an amazing product, price and service is no longer going to be a guarantee of business growth.  Make no mistake that consumer spending habits are being shaped by online businesses even at the expense of traditionally lauded businesses.  

And yet despite all the overwhelming evidence, you may be surprised to learn that almost 2 million small businesses still exist without a website! This research conducted by ‘Approved Index’ in March this year reckons this is collectively costing businesses a whopping £343 Billion each year.


But I have a Facebook page … surely with the growth of Facebook, that is enough?

Social Media is a great starting point for getting your business online and most people will expect you to have a Facebook page in today’s market. It’s a great tool as it’s a perfect opportunity to spread the word and get snippets of your business out there for everyone to see. What social media can’t do particularly well, however, is present your brand to its full potential – they simply don’t have the space and the layout to display products/services for a potential customer to see the full picture. With a website, you can have lots of different pages and interactions so that your customers can learn everything they need to know about you without having to scroll endlessly through months of Facebook posts.

In order to present your business professionally, you need to capitalize on the growth of social media whilst diverting traffic to your website where you can give your potential customers the chance to learn everything they need to know about the service or product you offer.

And it really isn’t difficult or expensive these days to get online with a professional website. It can cost as little as £299 to set your business up with a website and run it for less than £100 per year thereafter. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing that you can check out here

At Markerching, for just £495 we offer a fully comprehensive, stylish, bespoke and (of course) mobile and tablet friendly website to wow your competitors with. Let us get to know you and discuss your business and your vision for your future online.