Responsive Reasons – 4 Responsive Web Design Reasons

Responsive Reasons Markerching Responsive Web Design and Affordable SEO

1. Customer Retention

Let’s start with the obvious.


When we cannot get what we need from a website on our phones we rarely wait until we get back home or to work to try again. We normally give up or look elsewhere.

The damage is two-fold in that when this happens there is potentially a lost business opportunity,  but also this leaves a unsatisfactory experience and we typically reflect this negatively on the owner of the website.

2. Faster Webpages

Mobile users in particular have short attention spans. People are more likely to abandon webpages that take longer than three seconds to finish loading. If a website isn’t optimized for smartphones and tablets, it will also take more time to navigate, which can frustrate customers to a point of no return.


Your responsive website will use modern performance techniques such as caching and responsive image display. This will help improve your webpage’s loading speed.

3. Customer Engagement

A responsive and optimized mobile site provides a much better user experience for the visitor. Therefore, it is much more likely that they’ll stick around for a longer period of time and explore different areas of your site.


Alternatively, if your website isn’t responsive and if visitors must do a lot of zooming, shrinking and pinching their screens, it is going to be much harder to keep them engaged and therefore more likely that they’ll disappear.

4. Improve your SEO

Responsive web design is becoming as important to search engine optimisation as quality content.


Recently Google has made significant steps forward that has encouraged business owners and domain masters to switch to responsive websites. These include “mobile-first” indexing that downgrades a website’s SEO ranking if it isn’t responsive and a tool that makes it easily apparent whether a website has truly responsive design or not.