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Our friendly and professional Website Design service is here not only to build you a fantastic looking website, but also to answer any questions whatsoever that you might have before making your decision.

Our customer service is completely free as we aim to encourage our clients to talk to us and share their great ideas. However much help you need, you can be assured we'll be pleased to assist!

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What Costs Are Involved?

Always a popular question. Identifying what you need to pay and to whom is important in your decision to understand the value of owning your own website.

We have summarised in the table below what the costs of running a typical small business website.

If you would like us to take care of acquiring your domain name and hosting on your behalf we will happily do this for you without any additional service charges for our time.


What You NeedService ProviderDescriptionIndicative Cost
Domain Name 'Go Daddy' or 'Siteguard'
for example
Your chosen domain
(e.g.: www.markerching.com)
£10.00 per year including VAT
Website HostingAs AboveThe server cost of making your
website available on the internet
£69 per year including VAT
Website DesignMarkerchingThe design and build of
your website
From* £299.00 one-off cost
(VAT exempt)
Website MaintenanceYou can do this
Or we can
Your website software updated,
regularly backed up and secure
£10 per month (VAT exempt)
if you need us to do this for you

Guided by the table above you can expect to pay as little as £299 for your website to be built and hosted in its first year. Thereafter expect combined hosting/domain name charges of £110.00 per year.

If you are happy backing up and applying security and software updates to your website you don't need to pay for Website Maintenance. We only include this as an optional service triggered on request by customers who do not wish to do this themselves.


*Note in respect of our website design pricing :

Our pricing for a typical personal or small business website that does not need to sell products online/collect payments online is £299 on our Starter Package (£499 on our Starter Plus Package)

We are happy to quote on request to customers with more sophisticated / custom requirements.

The Annual Cost of Running My Website is less than £120

It only takes one weekend booking generated through the site and it has paid for itself.

Holiday Home Example

Examples of Website Design by Markerching / Owners Websites

Who are Owners Websites?

Us! Everyone starts from somewhere. When we started we initially focussed solely on the holiday home website market however demand from our clients encouraged us to help them out with non-related websites and from then on Markerching was born to broaden our horizons!

Owners Websites solely specialise in website design for Holiday Home owners, mainly in the UK but with clients in mainland Europe also.

Owners Websites

Click here to view examples of our work that is live today that we produced under our companion website design agency Owners Websites