What is Premium Support ?

It Starts Before We Start...

Many of our clients come to us with the question, 'What do you need from me'. 


The common answer is nothing of a technical nature, just an understanding of your business and your ideas for how you see your business online.


We are pretty good at filling in any gaps, presenting our thoughts and feedback and can take the lead or be led depending on the amount of creative direction you wish to trust to us.





... Evolves Into Collaboration ...

We encourage feedback from all our clients before their website is made live - by not charging for any iterations or changes that they need to make. 


A good practice that we always keep in mind is that when a website is launched to the world, it is simultaneously made available to billions of people to view.  This little thought is a great introduction to our Quality Control process!





... And Stays Around Long After the Launch Party

The time will come when you're holding the keys (OK passwords!) to your brand new shiny website.

In at the deep end? No, not at all!


We know that all things new take a little time to get used to; your new website will soon become easy to use and navigate but nevertheless it may still take a little while for the uninitiated before it becomes as comfortable to them as the sofa they sit on.

This is why we provide a guidebook with every website that will help with the basic steps of logging in and undertaking the top level functions such as creating a new page or news item or making an editorial change. 

Whatever questions arise though - just get in touch over email or telephone and we'll be here to help!





We offer Free Technical Support to ALL of our customers.