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Markerching - Background

Where did we come from?

Based in the south of England but with a love of the Lake District in the North West of England, we wanted to create a business that bridged that gap where we could merge our work with our passion.

Out of this grand idea we formed a website design service specifically aimed towards holiday home owners and started on a small scale back then providing services for fellow holiday home owners we had acquainted. Eventually we gave this company a name and it became 'Owners Websites'.


And Then...

As we started to go on, we were delighted to start seeing enquiries for new websites come our way as a result of customer referrals. As some of these requests that came to us were for websites that weren't anything to do with Holiday Homes however we didn't feel comfortable marketing them under the Owners Websites umbrella. This then prompted us to provide Owners Websites with a buddy, and that buddy is Markerching!



The name 'Markerching' came about from the frustration we share from poor, half-hearted attempted marketing. I'm sure we've all seen examples in print, on a television advert, or on a website. The type of marketing that doesn't contain a strong brand presence or a clear message and as a result is without any real means of generating a return for the luckless individual or company that has invested all the money in it.


We decided we wanted to emphasise within the name of our business, the objective of our business.  That objective is to provide a marketing service that achieves a financial reward (kerching!) for our clients. This applies not just to the product we provide but also the support and guidance we are willing to give.


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  1. Simon Hibberd on 18th September 2016 at 8:51 pm

    Good day Everyone!
    We at Markerching welcome any feedback so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your questions, ideas or suggestions!

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